This tool locates and corrects transactions flagged by the QuickBooks verify and rebuild procedures as having invalid open quantities.

Have you received the QuickBooks warning message:  “Some sales orders or estimates may be incorrectly marked as closed or display incorrect invoiced quantities” or the QBWin.log error “Verify Target: Invalid Open Quantity: Target =”?

While an invalid open quantity may not be a critical QuickBooks error, it can cause other problems such as preventing the backup procedure from completing. If that continues to happen and no recent backups have been successfully made then when some other catastrophic error occurs or the file becomes seriously corrupted for another reason you could be left with the options of either sending your file off for data recovery or spending countless hours re-entering all your important information.

Open Quantity Repair Tool

The solution to the problem lies in locating and correcting the problem transactions. All the information required to locate the transactions is contained in the QuickBooks log file. If there are only one or two transactions then all you need to do is locate each one and record a new line at the end of the transaction with a character such as a period in the description field and then rebuild the file. If there are many transactions then this process can be tedious.

The QuickBooksRepair Open Quantity Repair Tool enables you to easily locate and repair the transactions causing verify to fail.

Before running any repair utility we recommend making a backup or copy of the data file prior to running the repair tool as a safe practice. That way you will be able to restore your file to a known state in the event of an uncontrollable occurrence such as a power outage while running the utility.

Open Quantity Repair Tool Setup Files

Open Quantity Repair Tool License

HOW TO USE  QuickBooksRepair Open Quantity Repair Tool


Start by running a verify in QuickBooks to ensure that the current qbwin.log file has the problem transactions recorded in it. Then start the open quantity repair tool and select the qbwin.log file from appropriate installation of QuickBooks by highlighting the correct line in the list and clicking the process log button. If you have more than one version of QuickBooks installed the utility will list each one so you can select the appropriate log file. If you want to select a log file that is located in a different folder than the ones that are listed then click the process log file button without selecting any log from the list. The program will then open a browse window and allow you to select a qbwin.log file from any location of your choosing. The repair tool will then display a list of the transactions that QuickBooks identified in the log file as having an invalid open quantity.

Open Quantity Repair Tool

Make sure that you have QuickBooks running and open the data file you wish to work with. Click on the process transactions button and the tool will locate each transaction in QuickBooks with an invalid open quantity and add a new lineitem to the end of the transaction with a period in the description field. If you would prefer to just delete the transactions there is an option to have the program delete them. Another option is also available to have the program recreate the transactions after deleting them. These options can be handy when just modifying the transaction is not enough to correct them. If you have set a closing date in the file you will receive a warning if any of the transactions are prior to that closing date informing you that if there is also a closing date password the utility will not be able to adjust the transaction. Before clicking ok to continue you should temporarily switch to QuickBooks and remove the closing date password so the tool can edit the transactions as needed. After the transactions have been edited you may recreate the closing date password.

Open Quantity Repair Tool

The first time you run the program, or until it has been registered, you will be prompted to register the software to fully enable it. If you have an internet connection available select the option “Register online now to get a license number” and then enter your name and serial number on the following screen. If you do not have an internet connection available on the machine you wish to run the program on then you may select the “I already have a license number” button and a screen will appear with your software installation ID. Provide this number to technical support along with your serial number and you will receive a license code to enter on the manual registration screen.

Open Quantity Repair Tool
Open Quantity Repair Tool

If this is the first time the tool accesses the file, QuickBooks will prompt you to grant permission for the tool access to the data file by presenting a window like the one below. Select one of the options to allow the utility access to the QuickBooks file and follow through the screens until you see the Access Confirmation screen and click Done.

Open Quantity Repair Tool
Open Quantity Repair Tool

After you have granted access to the open Quantity repair utility it will process the transactions listed on screen. When the utility has finished editing the transactions run a rebuild followed by a verify to ensure that all the transactions have been corrected.

Occasionally there may be one or two transactions that cannot be repaired by just editing them and they must be deleted and recreated. If after running the tool and rebuilding in QuickBooks you still receive the error message that there are damaged sales orders or estimates, please close QuickBooks completely and restart it so that QuickBooks will start a new qbwin.log file. Run a verify in QuickBooks to populate the new log file with the damaged transactions. Then run the tool again to get the list of transactions in error and locate each one in QuickBooks and delete it, recreating it afterward if needed. Note that if you do not close QuickBooks and restart it or manually rename the qbwin.log file the log will still contain all the old information regarding damaged transactions that have already been repaired so it is important that you make sure the qbwin.log file is started over before running the tool again.

In some cases with QuickBooks Enterprise 10 or newer the option to require custom fields on transactions has been turned on. If this is the case and any of the problem transactions involved were entered prior to that requirement being turned on, those transactions may not have the custom fields filled in. This may cause an error when trying to modify the transaction until the field has been given a value. If this happens you should either temporarily turn off the requirement to have data entered into the custom fields or manually edit each of the problem transactions and enter a value in the custom fields. To check and see if you have this requirement turned on, edit any item on your item list in QuickBooks and click on the custom fields button. Then click the “Define Fields” button and a screen similar to the one below should appear where you can check the settings. This option is only available in QB Enterprise 10 or newer so it should not be an issue for earlier versions or for QB pro/premier.

Open Quantity Repair Tool


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    Great news.
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    Tim U. 
    Berkeley, CA

    Tim U.
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